With the alarming rise in pollution and air borne infections, breathing with a naked mouth has become a task of a daredevil. Air pollution in India is the fifth largest cause of deaths. And due to the increase in many infections and viruses, people die an untimely death. 

Thrill Anti pollution mask comes with Anti Nicotine Bacterial Control. The carbon infused fabric prevents entry of all the toxic smokes and bacterial contaminants. Filters out as low as 2.5 particulate matter. Our mask will keep you healthy in unfavorable conditions. 

Thrill Anti pollution mask includes 5 layers for efficient filtration of non-oily particles like dust, microorganisms, toxic gases or odours. The 270 degree exhalation valve ensures better airflow and air condensation for easy breathing.Thrill Anti pollution mask iis suitable for all age groups, is not washable and can be worn for extreme protection and care. 

Don’t let any kind of toxins or pathogens take a toll on your health. 

get a thrill anti pollution mask now..

Key features :

  •  A perfect facial fit with elastic ear loops
  • Filters out 99% of toxins present in the air.
  • The valve helps in easy breathing and reduces build up of heat and humidity.
  • The five layers of the mask ensures protection from toxic smokes and bacterial contaminants. 


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